Editorial Board of Plodorodie




SYCHEV, Viktor Gavrilovich Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, full professor, director of the Pryanishnikov All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Agrochemistry (VNII Agrokhimii),


Members of the Editorial Board of Plodorodie:

Редакционный совет журнала «Плодородие»



V.G. Sychev, RAS memb., Dr. Sc.agr., Prof.



R.F. Baibekov, RAS memb., Dr. Sc.agr., Prof.

N.M. Belous, Dr. Sc. agr., Prof.

L.V. Budazhapov, RAS cor.m., Dr. Sc. biol., Prof.

G.P. Gamzikov, RAS memb., Dr. Sc. biol., Prof.

V.I. Dolzhenko, RAS memb., Dr. Sc.agr., Prof.

N.N. Dubenok, RAS memb., Dr. Sc.agr., Prof.

V.M. Krasnitskii, Dr. Sc. agr, Prof.

V.V. Lapa, Belarus NAS memb., Dr. Sc.agr., Prof.

S.M. Lukin, Dr.Sc.biol.

G.E. Merzlaya, Dr. Sc. agr., Prof.

L.М. Mueller, Dr.Sc. agr., Prof.,Germany

S.M. Nadezhkin, Dr. Sc. biol., Prof., Prof. RAS

B.N. Nasiev, Republic of Kazakhstan NAS cor.m., Dr. Sc.agr.

O.G. Nazarenko, Dr.Sc.biol., Prof.

V.A. Romanenkov, Dr.Sc.biol., Prof., Prof. RAS

V.I. Savich, Dr.Sc.agr., Prof.

V.A. Shevchenko, RAS memb., Dr. Sc. agr., Prof.

A.V. Soldatenko, RAS memb., Dr. Sc.agr., Prof. RAS

V.P. Yakushev, RAS memb., Dr. Sc. agr., Prof.

A.A. Zavalin, RAS memb., Dr. Sc. agr., Prof.



Managing editor  N.V. Brazhnikova

Editor A.S. Maksimova

Коrrector N.V. Kharitonova

Editorial office:

Pryanishnikova ul. 31A, 127550 Moscow, Russia

Теl: 8(499) 976-25-01, (499) 976-23-90

E-mail: ;

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  • in core of Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI);
  • in Russian Science Citation Index based on the Web of Science (RSCI Web of Science).


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